Wednesday, June 19, 2013

                                   Fiji Islands

                                   An unforgatable place in this enormous world

The Fiji islands are in the South Pacific ocean and are composed by 332 islands , and the principal one called Viti Levu  . Its capital is Suva , and it is the economic  and sociopolitic capital of the Fïji islands and one of the most important comercial capitals of the South Pacific . They are formed since 150 millions of year because the volcanic activity  , and we have some things that indicate this geotermical and volcanic activity . They have a tropical climate , with a lot of rain , but they still warm or hot all the day . They have amazing beaches , and they're a fantastic to sailing and snorkeling .

Severals months ago , our conversation teacher , Lauren , travel to Fïji had a wedding  . She told us that Fïji islands are very beautiful , and that she loved them . She said that she did snorkelling in the sea and she ate a lot of fish , seafood and tropical fruits . 

By : Pablo D . , Marcos R. and Rubén P.  .