Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hello Class!!

Welcome to our blog!  Now you that you are experts in English and new technologies, you are ready to publish your work online.  Your first assignment: a news article following Lauren's trip to the Fiji Islands.

Here's an example of what your short news article can look like:


British astronaut has been chosen for space mission

Britain's first official astronaut has been chosen to go on a five-month mission to the International Space Station.

Major Peake graduated as a European Space Agency astronaut two years ago, but has yet to be sent on a mission.  Peake was picked as one of six Esa astronauts from thousands of hopefuls in 2009.

He's trained at space centres in Russia, the US and China, where he has practised what to do in emergencies, like when an astronaut falls unconscious during a spacewalk.  In a bid to improve his Russian language skills he's also spent a month living with families in the Russian city of St Petersburg.
He said: " It's an incredible opportunity, obviously a very privileged position and a great responsibility as well."


When writing the article, include the information you have about Fiji and a piece of the interview.

Good luck!

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